The simulator is a software program we created which allows you to show your potential client to experience what their actual system will look like, and how it will work, by engaging the senses of sight, touch & hearing. They get to discover how easy it actually is. The potential client drives the demo through a virtual home. They change video & music, adjust dimming levels, lower shades, turn on a fireplace, open a gate, trigger an alarm, use the intercom, change temperatures, view security camera images & turn on the spa, from an exact scale version of the touch panels or keypads they are considering. You provide verbal prompts and encouragement to get them started, and they take it from there.

It is only when they do it themselves, that they realize how easy it is...

The simulator has to be installed on a windows platform but can be accessed from any device - ipad, android, PC, mac. 

You can demonstrate AV simulation & security simulation including, Total Connect, & Honeywell

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