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Group Gerhardt is part of a joint venture designed to capitalize on the new opportunity to build value with true “Recurring Monthly Revenue”.

The national advertising efforts of all the cable and phone companies and ADT have created a mainstream awareness of what was once termed “home automation”.  These global companies consistently among the most hated companies in America while they are spending millions educating consumers.

This effort is creating an opportunity for progressive security dealers and established residential integrators to “get rich slowly” while they build significant value in a portfolio of accounts that are easily sold to an established network of well-funded companies who have been buying accounts for up to 30 years.

Dealers who have been providing premium services for profitable prices do not have to compete with the “zero down” strategies of those door to door companies.  The simple fact is that any systems with appropriate features are hardly free.  Most of us have seen the AT&T commercial “the Cabin” (Click to View). What they don’t include in the commercial is the fact that the exact features shown in the commercial cost about $1,800 and $60 per month.  Click here for more information on the ConnectTeam.Support site.

Marketing CO-OP

softwareIconLarge We have created a complete process that combines proven methods at the least possible cost and uses digital tools to create, evaluate, track, and adapt analog programs targeting the most likely prospects only.

With the cooperation of dozens of dealers we have discovered the hard truths concerning marketing and understand what works on getting new business and keeping existing clients in our industry.

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Boomerang Instant Proposal Services

webServicesLarge We have combined the familiar interface and immediacy of a cloud based online shopping cart with our powerful data management to allow you to construct entire systems on any web browser.

This service is designed to enable a salesperson to escort a prospect through their personalized system design process.

Any tablet, Smart Phone, laptop, or even the client’s own computer can be used during the meeting.

We prepare the entire bundle for you.

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Website Services

webServicesLarge We offer a full featured site that you can modify yourself in real time with professional graphics, tracking, analytics, web response forms and videos should not cost that much.

We understand marketing for your unique niche and we have additional support programs to convert your site from an "electronic brochure" into a "digital destination"

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Presentation Tools


Group Gerhardt's presentation tools can be customized by the dealer to organize a sales script and provide access to an unlimited array of digital media, from Power Point, to PDFs, to Narrated Videos.

You can guide your sales staff through a linear, scripted, sales presentation. It is fully customized for your company and your message.

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