A Delivered Website in Less Than a Week

After 42 years in the installation industry and over fourteen years of directly supporting dealers as Group Gerhardt, we understand you. You need business and quickly. You can’t afford some of the prices you are considering from others. You can’t afford to wait for results. We have been providing websites for dealers longer than our competitors have even been in business. We know what they should cost and we are baffled by the high pricing of others. A full featured site that you can modify yourself in real time with professional graphics, tracking, analytics, web response forms and videos should not cost that much. Since we have been developing software, online training, and websites for all our years, we can offer what others apparently cannot. Perhaps it is because we actually do it ourselves rather than mark up the work of others. For the prices that other charge, the leads they promise should be included. Most importantly we understand marketing for your unique niche and we have additional support programs to convert your site from an “electronic brochure” into a “digital destination”.

After Your Website is Complete

After the completion of your website, you can use our powerful outbound marketing services. We tested our process and received positive results. We know how to drive sales to your website and a create a specific landing page for those marketing tools.

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