In spite of what a marketing company might claim, mailers are rarely successful in a classic “Mass Marketing” application. That is because changing or selecting a new system is an occasional usually accompanied by a change of address. There are ways that a mailer can work:

Targeted Mailings to New Owners of Existing Homes – the owners of brand new homes are usually committed to a wiring, or security, or integration company in the earliest stages and that marketing strategy is addressed elsewhere on this site (Click Here). In recent years, the number of new owners of existing homes has outpaced new construction by a factor of 11 to 1. Research shows that when someone buys an existing home, they will spend 16 times as much on that home in the first 90 days as they will in the next 5 years. The example with the post-it notes is one side of a custom card that led to 7 leads per thousand at a cost of approximately $100 per lead. Those leads were closed at a 58% rate with an average transaction $5,400 and the RMR account.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to neighborhoods where at least 60% of the homes have a traditional alarm system. These efforts produced 4 leads per thousand at a cost of approximately $75 per lead. The closing rate for these leads was over 87% but the transaction size averaged $1,200. The motivation for those that upgraded was a willingness to get rid of the traditional phone line and obtain interactive control over their new systems.

EDDM to the neighbors of a new customer synchronized with the day of installation and reinforced with signage in front of the home and on your vehicles. This strategy replaces the classic “clover leaf” approach and is easier and less expensive than door hangers.

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