A “Dealer in a Box” Support at every level. Training, Billing, End User Support for dealers who want RMR.

This site is for potential and established dealers from the low voltage installation field. This is not a site for anyone who does not have some level of experience and an existing business. This is NOT a consumer site and it is not designed to convince you to become one of our dealers. It is intended to educate you so you can determine if we should share a future together.

This site celebrates the new and emerging “Connected Home” opportunities that are being aggressively promoted by virtually all cable and phone companies along with Google, Nest, Home Depot, Apple, Lowes, Staples, ADT and a growing list of others. Opportunities that you can take advantage of in ways never before available to the low voltage contractor.

It is the high level of advertising by some of the most hated comanies in America that creates the mass awareness that will serve you.

Click here to view a commercial from AT&T that explains it all in 30 seconds. As you watch, understand that the specific system being shown sells for $1,750 and $60 per month. Then understand that system will generate a net profit of $4,300 over the next 8 years and that it can be sold at almost any time for an additional $2,100. That means that you can actually make money on day one and realize slightly more than an 80% profit during the lifetime of the system.

That is the magic of Recurring Monthly Revenue, a subscription based service also termed RMR. This is a business model that can enable you to build a future for retirement or to pass on to your family or employees. You can realistically develop a new dimension within your current business that can develop significant value within 5-7 years.

This site addresses how we can help you get there with programs created specifically for the independent dealer over the last five years.

Review the information and decide for yourself if we should discuss further. This is not for everybody. In fact, it is probably not for most of you. But, if you feel we should work together or if you have questions, fill out the information form on any page and we will respond quickly.

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