Group Gerhardt has leveraged its perspective and the cooperation of dozens of dealers to discover the hard truths concerning marketing in our industry.

Simply put, traditional marketing strategies do not work very well and search engine marketing (SEM) only works for large transactions.

That doesn’t mean you cannot market, it does mean you should not believe a marketing company claiming to have a solution (theirs).

We have discovered that a digital presence is essential for an analog marketing campaign, but that a website as an “electronic brochure” is a waste for a marketing campaign.

The Marketing Co-op is unique in that all services are provided at cost in return for a flat monthly fee of $249.  This relationship does not require a long term contract, it only requires 30 day’s notice.  The result is a cooperative relationship based on results, not attempts.  If you plan on any regular marketing effort, our savings and results will offset the modest co-op fee.

We have discovered that, regardless of the route taken, leads come in online at a rate 11 times greater than by phone. Have you ever tried to call Amazon?

We have discovered that the best time to market is before you need it. You need to “dig” the well before you are “thirsty”.

We have discovered that lead tracking and analysis leads to improved success and that consistent reconnection leads to sales.

We have discovered that you are not well served by marketing companies that prosper at your expense by adding costs to your efforts with no accountability. These same companies who insist on long term contract for programs that will not improve over time. This is because, unlike a pizza, or dry cleaning, clients only consider your systems at specific times in their lives.  Multiple impressions have little value for a once in a lifetime decision.

We have discovered that most of you do not have the time or experience to envision, design, deploy, manage, and analyze a marketing campaign.

We have created a complete process that combines proven methods at the least possible cost and uses digital tools to create, evaluate, track, and adapt analog programs targeting the most likely prospects only.

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